Invitation  Ensilumen Rastit 7.-8.12.2019


Competition rules

Rules of Finnish Orienteering Federation FOF (17.4.2019) and instructions given by the organizing club are to be followed.

Classes, distances and starts

7.12.    Long distance                Interval start from 10:00          100 m to the start

8.12.    Middle distance            Interval start from 11:00          100 m to the start

Classes:         H and D 11, 13, 15, 17, 20, 21E, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85
Open A and B

The distances of the races follow the recommendations given by FOF.
Both races are World Ranking Events (WRE) in classes H21 ja D21.
All classes use the same start.
Star times available in the event site on Thursday 5.12.2019.


EmiTag punching system is used in all races and classes. EmitTag timing chips are available for rent through entry system.

Map and terrain

Ski-o map 11/2019, contour interval is 5 m and scale is 1:10 000. The map is laser-printed and size is A4. Old orienteering map from the terrain can be seen in the event site.
Terrain is open coniferous forests with maximum elevation of 25 m on all courses.


From the road nr E75 at the centre of Sodankylä, 10 minutes to drive. Signs on the road from 6.12. at 18.00.

Event Centre and Parking

The Event Centre is the Siilashalli Sports Centre in the Military Base. Parking is in the centre, No parking fees.
The info in the Event Centre is open on Friday 6.12. at 18 – 20, on Saturday 3.12. at 8 – 16 and on Sunday 4.12. at 9 – 15.
The Event Centre has WC:s. Clothing and washing facilities inside in Siilashalli, with saunas and a swimming pool. Ski service outside.
The Event Centre has a café.


In all classes overall results are counted by points given in both races. The winner of the class in a race scores 1000 points and all others in relation to winning time.

Prize-giving ceremony takes place in the cafe immediately after the final results in World Ranking classes. Rest of the prizes are delivered in the info after the finalresults. No posting afterwards.


Entries latest on Sunday, 1.12.2019 at 24:00 by using FOF’s IRMA service.
Entries from abroad are possible in Eventor, too.
Rental EmiTag-chip will be assigned if no EmiTag number is given in the entry. Rental fee is 10 euros/race.
Late registration with 1.5-multiplayed entry fee for Lapin Lumirastit are accepted until Tuesday, 30.11. at 24:00 in the IRMA service only.
Entries to open classes in the info.

Eligibility to participation to races is consistent with the FOF rules. Participation to all age classes according to year 2020.

Entry fees

Entry fees in classes H/D11-15 is 15 €/race. All other classes 25 €/race. Open classes 10 €/race.
Entry fees shall be paid in the IRMA service.
Entries by Eventor should be paid at the entry date to the account:
Lapin Veikot ry  IBAN  FI44 5641 2520 0298 69  BIC  OKOYFIHH

Entry fees in the open classes can also be paid in the info in cash.

Accommodation and restaurant services

Accomodation and restaurants area available in Sodankylä town and Luosto ski resort. Links to services are in the event site.

Changes and low temperature limit

Due to poor snow conditions, event can be cancelled. In that case information is given latest 5.12. klo 24:00.

Temperature limit is -20 C one hour before the first start. Starts can be delayed following the jury’s decision. The delay of a start or cancelling of a race due to low temperature will be informed two hours before the first start.

Changes due to low temperature or snow conditions are in the event site .

Shall the races be delayed, all the entries will stay validi if not cancelled in the IRMA or EVENTOR services. If a race must be cancelled because of natural conditions, the organizers can hold a part of the registration fee.


Event Manager        Pertti Itkonen                        +358 400 193647

Course Setter           Annika Vaara                      +358 40 4136600

Information              Pentti Poikela                             +358 40 5191521

Results                      Aki Aunola AA-Ventures       +358 44 5617897

Controller                 Kauko Pääkkölä              +358 40 5850680

IOF TD                      Ossi Lakkala



Welcome to the first snows in Sodankylä!

Lapin Veikot ry

The printable Ensilumen Rastit 2019 invitation here!