Freezing weather

For Sunday 8th December a fairly cold weather is forecasted. However, the temperature has been much higher in the competition centre. The most recent information about the temperature is given in webpage -> Rinteiden ala-asemat / Ylläsjärvi. The official temperature measurement is made at 9 o’clock and if it’s colder than – 20’C the decision whether competition is arranged is IOF Event Adviser, the Jury and the Organizer.


Competition Instructions

Download competition instructions from here


WRE in Kiruna just before World Cup

Ski Orienteering event with WRE status in Kiruna just before World Cup Opening Round. Click here to get to their web page.




Ski Orienteering Event Ensilumenrastit

Multi-race competition together with the Season Opening of the Ski Orienteering World Cup followed by the SkiO Training Camp from 9th to 12th December

Venue           Ylläs Resort, Kolari, Finland

Dates            December 5th to 8th , 2013

Ensilumenrastit Competition distances:

Competition Centre
Thursday, December 5th
Sprint Relay
Saturday, December 7th
Long Distance
Sunday, December 8th

Classes and Entry Fees


Sprint Relay

H21A, D21A (3+3 legs) 60 €,

H16, D16 (2+2 legs) 30 €

H80, H100, H120, H140, D80, D100, D120 and D140 (refers min. total age, 2+2 legs) 30 €

H/D25 (refers max. total age, 2+2 legs, in team 2 boys, boy and girl or 2 girls under 16 years, courses as in class H/D12) 15 €

Individual Races (Long and Sprint)

Classes are H12 to H80, D12 to D70 and H21B and H/D21C.

H/D21A 40 €

H21B, H/D21C, H/D20, H35 to H80, D35 to D70 35 €

H/D18 to H/D12 24 €

If competing only one individual race, entry fee ½ of the total fee above.

The entry fee must be paid by using the Finnish Orienteering Federations IRMA service at same time with entry. Foreign competitors who cannot use Irma service, can pay entry fees to the organizers account: Ensilumen Rastit IBAN: FI4855330020058066, BIC: OKOYFIHH


Last day for entries is Friday 29.11.2013.

Entries must be done by using Finnish Orienteering Federation IRMA service. Foreign competitors who are unable to use IRMA service can also sent entries by e-mail

Remember to inform EmiTag-card numbers of each participant. If EmiTag-card number is not given, the organizer reserve a rent card, the rent is 5 € per race or 10 € per 3 races. The card is paid at the Event office.

Late entries

Late entries are accepted until Tuesday, Dec 3rd  at 24:00  by e-mail to, late entries fees are 50 % higher than normal entry fee.

In late entries entry fees should be paid at the same time to the organiser’s account: Ensilumen Rastit: IBAN: FI4855330020058066, BIC: OKOYFIHH.


Download invitation in pdf.