The official accommodation is only in the Lapland Hotel Saaga and in the chalets operated by Saaga.

For accommodation there are options:

  • Hotel rooms for 1-2 persons
  • Saaga Chalets apartments
    • single or double bedroom apartment with a kitchen-living room, sauna and toilet
    • Possible to convert the sofa-bed to two extra beds
    • Located with a fixed interior connection to Lapland Hotel Saaga.
    • Beds for 2-6 persons depending on the amount of bedrooms


  • Ski and Nordic Chalets apartments
    • Single, double or triple bedroom apartment with kitchen-living room, sleeping alcove, sauna and toilet
    • Possible to convert the sofa-bed to two extra beds when necessary
    • Beds for 2-8 persons depending on the amount of bedrooms


Saaga kartta



Prices per person and per day including breakfast are in the range 35 € – 100 € (7-8 persons in apartment or one person in hotel room). Use of Spa also includes in these prices.

Lunch and dinner are served in Saaga restaurants. Also the banquet will be arranged in Saaga.

Hotel rooms and Saaga Chalets apartments are in the same building as event office, meeting rooms, restaurants and Spa. Training area and

Model Event area are immediately from the door of Saaga.

Ski and Nordic Chalets apartments are situated between Saaga and Competition Arena area (250 m to the both).

In the hotel there is a waxing room (common for all visitors, several waxing boards).

In the apartments there is special waxing room with waxing boards (and also own ski storage for each apartment).


Booking of accommodation and meals will be done by using the Lapland Hotels booking system LYYTI. The prices are valid until the end of September 2015.

In the Eventor there is excel table giving different price categories with options accommodation and breakfast, added with lunch and third option added with lunch and dinner. By adding the number of persons in each categories and amount of visiting days, you can calculate total costs.

Observe that using official accommodation there is no need for own cars or rental cars.