Ensilumen Rastit 5.-6.12.2015 at Iso-Ylläs

Classes and entry fees:

H/D21A, H21B,C; D21C; H/D16-20; H35-80; D35-70, 22 €/day ; H/D10-14 16€/day.


Sat 5.12. long distance, interval start klo 10.30.

Sun 6.12. middle distance, interval start klo 10.30.

Latest at Friday 27.11.2015 until 24.00 via IRMA-system. Check foreign participant’s instructions.

Late entries:

1,5-fold fees at all classes on Tuesday 1.12. until 24.00 via IRMA-service.


Entry fees at the same time as entry via IRMA-service.

EmiTag in all classes. EmiTag-chips can be rented from organisers 5€/day or if attending both days 8€ total. EmiTag rent is paid in the competition info at event centre.

Guidance to event centre from crossroads of Iso-Ylläksentie and Maisematie.

Event Centre:
Event Centre is Lapland Hotel Saaga, Iso-Ylläksenti4 42, 95980 Ylläsjärvi.
Competition area 500m from hotel.

Ski orienteering map 1:10000/5m. Map size A4. Printed 12/2015.


Event director: Marko Vapa, 040-5388132,
Event secretary: Tommi Uusimäki, 050-5012349,
Course setter: Antero Karvinen
Supervisor: Ossi Lakkala, KuoSu
Result service: Tuula Aho,
Press: Heikki Roimela, 050-3435090,

Start times:

In the Internet on Wednesday 3.12.2015.


Lapland Hotel Saaga

Competition info:

Info open from Friday 27.11. at Lapland Hotel Saaga. On competition days daily at 8-15 and on Friday 15-21.


SkiO trainings daily 23.11.-4.12. Maps available at Lapland Hotel Saaga.

Welcome to enjoy ski orienteering!

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