High expectations for the World Cup in Ylläs

World Cup Opening Press conference. Source: IOF Livestream
World Cup Opening Press conference at Ylläs. Source: IOF Livestream

SkiO World Champions Tove Alexandersson from Sweden, Milka Reponen from Finland, Andrey Lamov from Russia and Lars Moholdt from Norway shared their thoughts about the new SkiO season at the World Cup Press Conference. Athletes are looking forward the competitions in Ylläs and they all have good memories from season openings here in Ylläs. “Organisers are experienced and it’s fun to ski when tracks are top class”, said Lars Moholdt.

Athletes considered that it’s an early start for the season, but some of them have had already possibilities to do SkiO trainings in the camps. Team Sweden was last week training in Kiruna and team Finland in Saariselkä, where also Lars Moholdt got a chance to visit. “I only got a possibility to do SkiO trainings in tracks here in Ylläs, but I trust that I still can”, said Andrey Lamov who have this autumn trained in Sweden with cross country specialists.