Ensilumen Rastit -Ski-orienteering (WRE)
in Muonio, 2-3 December 2023

Classes and fees:
Individuall competitions, Saturday 2.12. middle distance (WRE in classes W/M21) and on Sunday 3.12.
long distance (in classes W/M21 pursuit, winning time 60-65min).
W21, M21, W17, M17, M40, W40, M50, W50, M60, W60, M65, W65, M70, W70 and M75 €30/day.
W11, M11, W13, M13, W15 and M15 €15/day.
Motion class €15/day, registration at the competition center info on the day of the competition, no timing.

Start times:
Sat 2.12. Middle distance, the first start 11:00.
Sun 3.12. Long distance, the first start from 11:00, pursuit in W/M21 from 10:30.

Formal entry open until 27.11.2023 24:00, using SSL’s IRMA service (https://irma.suunnistusliitto.fi/)

Late entry:
With double fee until 30.11.2023 12:00 using SSL’s IRMA service.

Participation fees:
Participation fees must be paid at the same time as registration in the IRMA service.

Punching and timing system:
In the competition, the EmiTag system will be used, the card number must be given
upon registration, a rental card will be reserved for those who did not register. The EmiTag card can be rented from the organizer for €6/day. The card rental have to be paid in info.

Directions to the competition center are on road nr.79 about 10 km from Muonion towards Kittilä/Äksälompolo. Särkijärven majat, Muonio.

Competition center:
The competition center has a canteen, restaurant and toilets.

Ski orienteering map 1:10000/5m. Map size A4.

Competition director: Olli-Markus Taivainen (oma@routamap.fi)

Start times:
Start times will be published at www.ensilumenrastit.fi/2023 on Thursday 30 November 2023.

Cancellation of competitions:
The organizer of the competitions will announce on the website the possible cancellation of the competitions due to lack of snow no later than 26 November 2023. The minimun temperature where races are held is -20. With the forecast promising cold air, the races can be moved to the area of the Olostunturi hill top, a decision on the move will be made no later than 30 November 2023 and
in this case, we compete on sprint distances.

Apartments with breakfast/full board from the competition center www.sarkijarvenmajat.fi or
www.booking.com search Särkijärvi, Muonio.
Other accommodation options in the Muonio area can be found at www.nettimokki.com
From the competition center it is 40-50 km to Levi/Ylläs.

A small training/model event area for pre-competition training will open on Wednesday 29 November 2023.
Map fee €10, which includes one map piece with course and two blank map pieces from the same area for designing own courses.
During Ensilumen harjoitusviikko -tarining week after the competition, the competition’s track system is utilized so that 4.-5.12. is two self-timed permanent trainings in use (€10/map), 6.12. as a camp competition, sprint + pursuit (€15+€15). 7.-9.12. there will be new two self-timed permanent trainings and 8.12. relay-like training competition (€20). Track system will be edited during the training week, so the maps from the beginning of the week will no longer be valid at the end of the week.
More detailed information and registration instructions for the camp exercises will be published at the address www.ensilumenrastit.fi/2023
At the beginning of December, Muonio usually has around 50km of versatile ski tarcks groomed.

Welcome to the opening of the ski orienteering season in the hills of Lapland!
Tmi Omataivainen