Competition instructions

Ensilumen Rastit 2.-3.12.2023

Särkijärvi, Muonio

Competition director and main course setter Olli-Markus Taivainen
IOF TD Tapani Partanen
National TD Juho-Matti Tainainen
Info Larissa Rimpiläinen

Competition terrain:
The competition terrain is gentle undulating, mainly open pine forest, few denser parts. The height differences are at most 50m. The ground is flat and the forest is mostly open, with the exception of partly dense swamps on the slopes. Snow cover is about 60 cm deep, mainly soft snow. The competition area has a track system of small snow scooter trails but also wide groomed tracks. There is also a open scooter track in the area, where skiers must pay attention and be careful for the snowmobiles. The tracks driven into the terrain by the organizers and marked on the map are done pulling a 90-100 cm wide tracktor tire. There is also a dog sled route, that is marked on the map according to its width, and it is not used for driving with sleds on the days of the competition. There may be extra snowmobile tracks in the area and we will try to put conifer branches to close their exits on the morning of the race.

The total length of the track system is 72 km, of which 8 km of very wide skating track, 9 km of wide skating track, 54 km of ski track (dashed line) and 1 km of snowmobile trail. Prohibited areas are marked on the competition map. The main roads marked with the prohibited area marking are prohibited areas of the entire road area, which means that trails possibly created by wild scooter driving on the edge of the road should not be used either.

Underpass of the road (Pallaksentie):
With the exception of classess W/M11 and -13, Pallaksentie-road is underpassed on both race days via a low and narrow underpass tunnel. There is no head-to-head skiing by the competitors in the tunnel, but of course other skiers also use the trail network. There is a warning in the tunnel on behalf of the organizer, but in any case, take special care when skiing in the tunnel. Depending on the conditions, its bottom can also be wet or icy.

In Sunday’s race, the competitors of the W/M11 and -13 classes will cross over Pallaksentie from a controlled point.

Competition map:
The competition maps printed by Tunturi-Lapin Paino oy. The map has been updated on 28 November 2023. The size of the map is A4.

Classes, distances and map scale:
See a separate table of classes and distances at

Map scales on Saturday 2.12.
-1:10,000 in M/W21, M40-M65, W40-W60 and M15, M17 and W17.

-1:7,500 in M/W11-M/W13 and W15, M65, W70, M70 and M75

Map scales on Sunday 3.12.
-1:10,000 in all classes except
-1:7 500 in series M/W11-M/W13


Start times can be seen in the morning of 1 December 2023 in the competition website. The distance to the starts on both days are about 500m from the event center. See the location of the departures on the competition center map, these maps can also be seen in the competition center. The start interval is 2 minutes in all classes.

Action at the start: – 2 min the competitor is called to the start and the EmiTag is reset – 1 min the competitors move to the maps and M/W13 and younger classes can take the map from their own series’ box. M/W15 and older classes are allowed to take the map 15 seconds before the start, according to the sound signal of the start clock. With the M and W11 series, the organizer can assist in putting the map on the map holder.

Sunday 3.12. The M21 and W21 series have a chase start based on the results of Saturday’s race. The leader of the M21 starts at 10:30 and W21 at 10:45. Those who lost to the winner by more than 10 minutes on Saturday will start together at 10:40 (M21) and 10:55 (W21).

Note! The competitor has responsible for the functionality of his/her own electronic competition card (EmiTag) and for using the competition card mentioned in the start list. If the competitor uses an EmiTag card other than the one notified to the organizer, the performance will be disqualified. Disqualification is not performed in M/W13 and younger series. Changes must be reported to the finish/info of the competition center before the competitor starts.

The controls are usually attached to the tree next to the ski track/trail so that the flag is above and the EmiTag unit with code is below it. There is no need to touch or hit the flag or the EmiTag device for successful punching. It is possible to test the operation of EmiTag in the info before the race.

From the last control there is a short signed road to the finish line. Finish punching is not used in the competition. After the finish, the competitor continues to the EmiTag readout. You can keep the maps after the race. Drinks are not available at the finish line. Those who DNF must register at the info desk or at the finish. The finish will be closed on Sat 2.12. at 15:00 and Sun 3.12. at 15:00.

Competition numbers and EmiTags:
Race numbers are not used in the competition.

Rented EmiTags are available from info, payment by cash/MobilePay (6€/day). €100 will be charged for non-returned EmiTag. On race days, info is open on Saturday 2.12. from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and on Sunday 3.12. from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Infor can be found from the ground floor of the Särkijärven majat, access from the lakeside

The results:
Online results at final results can be found on the competition pages. A possible protest to the competition results must be submitted to the organisers before 15:15.


Ensilumen Rastit is a competition for the overall result, the fastest total time wins. In all classes, the winner of the overall competition will be awarded, except all competitors for the M/W11 and M/W13 classes, and for the M/W21 classes the best three will be awarded. In addition, the winners of Saturday’s WRE classes (M/W21) will be awarded. The prize of the overall competition in the M/W21 classes is the right to participate in Lapponia skiing week 2024 for the winners. All prizes can be claimed from info on Sunday, after the final results of the classes are known. Unclaimed prizes will not be sent by post.

Toilets and dressing:

The toilets are located on the ground floor of the Särkijärven majat, access from the lakeside. Limited space also on the ground floor, in the same room as info. The area of the cafe-restaurant on the upper floor are used by customers, so you should also take advantage of those services.

First aid and warnings:
There is a first aid point at the competition center in info. The general emergency number is 112.

Competitors must watch out for other skiers, cars on the road and scooters moving on the snowmobile route before and during the competition. Traffic on the right must be followed on the ski orienteering course. The competitor is obliged, if necessary, to call for help, help the injured on the terrain and guide the assistants.

Special care must be taken when sking in to tunnel under Pallaksentie-road. The lakes are under a thick ice cover, a few melting spots are marked on the map as prohibited areas. In any case, the ice is strong in every place when skiing on the track. Short-cutting on the ice is strongly not recommended, there may be wet snow under the thin snow cover!

The parking areas are in the competition center. The organizers control the positioning. No parking fee is charged.

Possible changes and frost limit:
The limit for the race is -20 degrees, the measurement point is at the starting points. If the forecasts promise cold weather, the competitions can be moved to the Olostunturi scenic track area, the decision on the move will be made no later than 30 November 2023, and in this case the races will be sprint distances.

If the competitions are postponed to a later date (primary reserve date 6 December 2023), registrations will remain valid if they are not canceled in the IRMA system. If the competition is canceled due to natural conditions, the organizer can withhold part of the participation fees.

The model orienteering map separated from the competition map is available from 25 November to 1 December and it is sold for €10. In the week after the competition, Ensilumi Training Week is organized. Information and registration instructions for these training opportunities can be found on the competition’s website at

Welcome to Muonio’s snowy terrain!
Tmi Omataivainen