Sprint relay training 8.12.


Please add your teams in this list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yDJcvQVv_kfXfXKdO9oXN9CESTT4YjjfxxoXOgRSs9M/edit?usp=sharing


Sprint relay training, primarily men-women teams, men at the first leg. 1,8km/2,5km and 7-8 controls each leg.


Map scale is 1:5 000. Maps will be handed out for all skiers before the first start, but the white side up. The first loop is the leftward/Western map, second is on the right /Eastern, see illustration below.


Mass-start is at 10:30 for men-women teams and 10:32 for men only teams. In the mass start, maps can be turned 15 sec before the start.

Change-over and emit read-out:

Change-over area is on the wide track. Skier coming off from the course must directly after the change over read out his/her EmiTag. Skier going out to the course must make start punch at the start point! Map must be turned white side up every time skier is not on the course.

Timekeeping will be from start point to the last control each leg (except the first leg where start punching will be done as close the moment of the start as possible).


The finish line for the last leg is the beginning of the change over area, moral results will be decided there.

Competition centre:

Rental EmiTags:

Close EmiTag read-out, there is a can for returning the rental EmiTags.

Results and livelox:

Results separate only different forkings, not the leg or total times: sprinttiviesti_osuusajat

Some of the first leg results were lost.

For analyses, GPS-tracks can be uploaded to livelox https://www.livelox.com/